The market for Non-Subscription (Alternatives to Workers' Comp.) in Texas is very much alive and well. With Workers' Compensation rates starting to move back up and more employers discovering the savings in premium and the increased control of their claim procedures, Non-Subscription is indeed shining bright for Texas employers…

We at Texas NonSubscriber have positioned ourselves in the market place as specialists in assisting Employers and Agents find the best solution to their Workers' Compensation problems. We offer not only quotes from every major carrier in the Non-Subscription industry but also quotes from several Traditional Workers' Comp. Carriers.

The insurance carriers we represent have plans that can be tailored to the specific needs of the employer. They allow you to choose the amount of benefits, deductible, coverage period, and a host of other options. Once you decide non-subscription is right for you we provide all the internal and external communication required by law, including employee notifications, posters, claim forms etc. And we do all this at no cost to you.

We pride ourselves on first making sure that the employers decision to exit the Comp. system is the right one, but even more so on our approach to insuring that their transition to Non-Subscription be accomplished correctly.. There are Four Steps to Becoming a Responsible Non-Subscriber and they are all very important. We have put in place all the tools necessary to assist the employer in making this transition as painless as possible.

Please take the time to look further into our website for additional important information that can help make you either a better informed agent or employer.

Workers' Compensation or Workers' Compensation Alternative?

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