Four Steps to Becoming A Responsible Non-Subscriber

  • Correctly Exit the Comp. System: It is the responsibility of the Employer to Exit the Comp. system correctly. If you simply "Drop" Comp. you are Still Part of the System and subject to all its rules…..
    • You must file a DWC form 5 with the state.
    • You must post notices in the workplace.
    • You must notify existing employees of coverage termination.
    • You must begin notifying new employees on Non-Subscriber status.

    This makes the State happy

  • Replace Comp. with another Benefit program: It is your option, but recommended, that the employer who wishes to Exit the Comp. system implement some type of benefit program. This program should provide money for Medical expenses, disability payments, specific amounts for Death & Dismemberment, and money for Legal defense and settlement. A package can be $100,000 to $1,000,000 combined single limit for Medical, AD&D, & Disability, and up to $1,000,000 for Legal defense and settlement. Minimum of 2 years.

    This makes the Employees happy

  • Secure ERISA document describing Benefits: In order to help protect you from legal questions concerning the application of the Benefit plan, it is highly recommended that the Employer purchase an ERISA document written specifically for his particular Benefit plan. Some Benefit plans come with an ERISA document. An ERISA document can be written for you by an Attorney.

    This makes the Federal Government happy

  • Install a Quality Safety Program: In my opinion, this is the single most important part of becoming a Responsible Non-Subscriber. The employers best defense against a negligence claim is a Quality Safety Program. In order for the employee to win a case against an employer he Must prove Negligence. Yes, an Employer can be negligent, but the act of Installing, Maintaining and Documenting a Quality Safety Program is the best way to defend yourself against a negligence claim. You can secure the services of a Safety Consultant or Company.

    This will make YOU happy

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