Securing quotes from all the various Carriers in the arena of NonSubscription can be very time consuming. At Texas NonSubscriber we are ready and able to remove most of that burden from you. As you know, every Carrier requires you to complete their own personal Quote Request form in order to secure a quote. This forces you to fill out pages of information over and over again for each different company. We complete that task for you. We ask that you either complete the ACORD form 130 or our own Texas NonSubscriber Quote Request form, attach 3 years current valued loss runs and send it to us. Then we get to work.

We take your information and transfer it to all the appropriate forms for the different carriers for you. With our continual follow-up we ensure the timely return of quotes. Along with the quotes we can provide you with a "Quick Short Comparison" indicating how the various Carriers compare in several different areas so you can make the best decision when choosing a policy for yourself or your client.

In addition, we have available on line all of the Applications and Claims forms for all the major carriers that we represent. You can either print them at your office or right at the clients office. Along with that you will find all the forms required by the State that your client must utilize in becoming a Non-Subscriber to the Texas Workers' Compensation system.

Our staff is ready to assist you in any area of Non Subscription. We can answer questions in general or help you decipher all the intricacies in each policy. All of these policies differ considerably, from coverage to deductibles, even to the definition of what is "Payroll". Yes we really have read the policies.

Our job is to make Your job easier. We take it seriously. A choice to exit the Workers' Comp. system is a serious one. We can provide you with the expertise to assist with that decision.

Please take a moment to complete the Quote Request form so we can get in touch with you. We hope that we have the opportunity to show you how we can make your decisions easier.

Forms & Policies to Assist You

We have gone through great lengths to ensure that you have an organized area to find the latest:

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